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2013 Season

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Saturday Sept 7


Bosco Tech Invitational

Santa Fe Dam (Irwindale)

Saturday Sept 21


Mt. Carmel Invitational

Balboa Park (San Diego)

Wednesday Sept 25


League Meet #1

Santa Fe Dam (Irwindale)

Saturday Sept 28


Top Speed Classic

Bonneli Park (San Dimas)

Thursday  Oct 10


League Meet #2

Lacy Park (San Marino)

Friday  Oct 25


Mt. SAC Invitational

Mt. SAC College (Walnut)

Thursday  Nov 7


League Finals

Lacy Park (San Marino)

Saturday  Nov 16


CIF Prelims

Mt. SAC College (Walnut)

Saturday Nov 23


CIF Finals

Mt. SAC College (Walnut)

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2013 Season Highlights

2013-11-07 - Varsity Girls photo




San Marino Girls Cross Country
Rio Hondo League Champions

These girls surprised La Canada’s defending championship team in the first league meet by going 2-3-6 and winning the meet by 5 points. But, the second league meet appeared to right the Spartan ship with a big 17 point win.  Our girls took third place.  There was no reason to believe that they would be competing for anything other than second place.  Did they ever show up for League Finals!  Four girls under 20 minutes on Lacy.  Whooooaaaaa.  And, it wasn’t even close as our girls went 2-3-6-7-12 to win by 12.  Truly, a team victory.  First championship since 1999.  Congratulations on a historic season.






Men Look Like Champions in October

2013 was one of those rare years in which you have enough hard-working guys that you can field a team where each one can break 17 minutes on the Lacy Park course on the same day.  That kind of performance will win league championships.  And more.  But, there are also years in which such high promise doesn’t hold up into November.  This was one of those years.  Regardless, the men won the first two league meets.  Easily.  And, they ran the fastest SMXC team time at Lacy since at least 1999.  Hopefully, these are the experiences that build character.

2013-10-10 - Yuvan Wickramasinghe & John Judge at first tree turn











Olivia and the Girls at CIF Finals

2013-11-23 - Olivia & the girls talking to Coach before the race

This was the race they had been building for - CIF Finals.  They had started out the season with big races and moved to a #7 ranking.  But, a couple of their athletes were not SAC runners.  Including sophomore Olivia Harrigian.  A poor outing at the Mt. SAC Invitational had her doubting herself as the Prelims loomed.  In that Prelims race, she found the right strategy and rhythm and broke 20 minutes on the course, a huge jump over her previous performance.  With the monkey off her back, she now had a strategy for SAC and used it in the Finals to clock a 19:16 and lead the girls to an 8th place finish, just a few points shy of a trip to Fresno.












2013-11-23 - Drew turning into Gauntlet

Drew & Kenny at CIF Finals

For these two seniors, this upcoming CIF FInals race was going to be the biggest race of their lives.  A rare chance to make State.  Yet, the weather was uncooperative.  It looked like the Finals would be run on the rain course once again.  Not the best of circumstances for Drew Jack and Kenny Lee.  Especially for Drew.  The traditional mountain course brings out the best in him.  As dawn fell, the race organizers deemed the mountain course fit for racing and Drew took full advantage by ripping a 16:20, the second fastest time for an SMXC athlete in recent years.  Kenny, who had been fighting all season to hold on to the #5 position on the team, knocked it out of the park with a 16:44, the second fastest on the team.  And, Kenny may have hit on a new technique for PoopOut.

2013-11-23 - Kenny turning into Gauntlet 1

The Brave One

For four years, this young lady ran tethered to an inhaler.  This is not something that she would ever give as an excuse so we didn’t allude to it until this year.  But the time has come to acknowledge the character of this girl as she graduates from this league championship team.  Her senior season was filled with ups and downs but she clearly ended on the upside by breaking 20 minutes at Lacy in League Finals and then coming through for her team at CIF Finals on the tough Mt. SAC course.  Veronica Mejia - our unsung hero.

2013-11-23 - Veronica coming down Reservoir 2




2013-09-28 - Angela, Alejandra and Carlin climbing the hill

Looking for Ms. Right

The girls team were solid champions in the first 4 positions.  But, they needed a fifth in order to move to the next level (State).  The #5 candidates dominated the JV race at the Top Speed Classic and State seemed within reach.









Sophomore Rising

Mt. SAC has never forgotten its roots.  At the Invitational, the winner of each race is awarded a cowbell, in honor of the course’s permanent residents.  Sophomore Michael Mundo nearly came away with one.  It doesn’t happen often - two in the last 15 or so years (including brother George last year).  Michael led his race for the first two-plus miles.  In fact, he was way out in front.  But, SAC is tough to master.  Pacing and preparation are important.  Michael settled for second place but the experience was invaluable.

2013-10-25 - Michael Mundo heading up Switchbacks
2013-11-07 - Matt & Charlie clowning 2

Next Year’s Team Takes Shape

Worried?  Don’t be.  Matt and Charlie may like to clown around but they get serious when it comes to race time.  In fact, Charlie made the CIF squad and ran the Prelims.  Shaved 30 seconds off his SAC time in that race.  Can they emerge as leaders during workouts?  We’ll see.  One thing we do know.  They will keep the mood light.  That is a good thing.





2013-09-21 - Drew & Matt at dinner 2

A Time To Bond

All work and no play makes cross country, well, no stinking fun,  So, the team takes a road trip every year.  No, we’re not talking about a bus trip to Mt. SAC or to Santa Fe Dam.  A real road trip.  Like to San Diego.  Yes, there is a race involved but these trips are not defined by the race but by the opportunity for the athletes to get to know each other.  Away from the usual structures that separate them at home.  Like age and cliques and gender.  When you see each other at 7 in the morning for breakfast, the inhibitions get pushed aside and bonds form.  Teams form.




Girls Were Just Tough

Sept 7 (Bosco Tech Invitational) - It turned out to be a harbinger of the season to come.  The girls dominated the opening meet, going 1-8-9-11-18-19-21 to win by 41 over the next nearest competitor, Xavier Prep.  Olivia won the race.  Not many season openers say so much about a team.

2013-09-07 - Olivia Harrigian on the lake1 (small)
2013-11-07 - Eduardo & Phil
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