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Nestled in the suburbs of Los Angeles, San Marino is home to a rich tradition of long distance running.  What makes San Marino unique are the grass center strips.  You can run 8 miles on this grass in mile increments and avoid the injuries that plague hard surface athletes.

The focus of this site is the cross country team at the local high school.  However, we do cover track & field as well as other running events that are held within our community.

SMHS’s cross country teams have a long and glorious history starting with Jack Bradford’s squads of the 1950s, 60s, 70s and continuing through the 25 year tenure of the great Irishman - Phil Ryan.  Much of that legacy has been preserved and will be revealed on this site over the next two years.  Although we already have a great deal of source material, there are always big holes to be filled by your contributions.  Photos, videos and records (workout sheets, etc.) are greatly appreciated but the most priceless contribution that you can make are your stories.  In the future, this site will allow you to post them directly.  However, please do not wait for the future.  Send them in now.  Direct them to and they will be on the site within a day or two.

Coach Mundo (2011) (Small)

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