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2012 Cross Country Meets


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Sept 8

Saturday @8am

Bosco Tech Invitational

Santa Fe Dam


Sept 12

Wednesday @ 3pm

Phil Ryan Invitational

Lacy Park


Sept 22

Saturday @ 8am

Dana Hills Invitational

Dana Hills


Sept 29

Saturday @ 8am

Super Classic

Bonelli Park


Oct 6

Saturday @ 8am

Clovis Invitational


Fr-So + Varsity

Oct 11

Thursday @ 3pm

League Meet #1

(Canceled due to lightning storm)

Oct 19

Friday @ 2pm

Mt. SAC Invitational

Mt. SAC - Walnut


Nov 1

Thursday @ 3pm

League Finals

Lacy Park


Nov 10


CIF Prelims

Mt. SAC - Walnut

Varsity - both

Nov 17


CIF Finals

Mt. SAC - Walnut

Varsity - both

Nov 24


State Finals



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Editor’s Top 10 Season Highlights

2012-11-17 - Varsity men cheering for Alissa

Highlight #1:  Junior Alissa Barraza advances to State Finals by placing 5th at the CIF Finals on the rain course at Mt. SAC.  The following week in Fresno, Alissa beat both of the girls who edged her out the previous week and placed 4th in Division 4 in the entire State.  Her performance at State was inspired and raises the possibility that she will compete for the State championship next year.  Alissa now holds the #1 spot in the record books for the fastest San Marino girls on the traditional Mt. SAC course with her 18:20 (second place) in the Prelims this year.  Finally, Alissa became the 9th fastest San Marino girl in history on the Lacy Park course with an 18:33 at League Finals.  Next year, Alissa will be looking to move up that list of girls on the Lacy Park all-time list.  There are some awfully tough performances on that list but she has already cracked the top 10.

2012-11-01 - Yuvan, George and Drew pushing the last 20 yards

Marvelous pack running at League Finals

For pure excitement in a team sport like cross country, it is hard to match the excitement of a team of pack runners.  Juniors Drew Jack and Yuvan Wickramsinghe were joined by sophomores George Mundo and John Judge in a pack for the entire race at League Finals.  Not only did their pack finish second as a team, but they battled each other down the stretch with Yuvan taking the team medal with the bigger finish.

Here is an interesting side note.  At the end of summer workouts, Coach Mundo sat down with this writer and laid out his projections.  These were pretty bold calls and, as usual, this writer doubted the Coach’s sanity.  Sophomore George Mundo was brand new to the program and showed promise but his Dad was projecting a 16:45 at Lacy Park for George.  Look at the picture on the left to get an idea of what his time was.  Aside from George, Coach Mundo also projected 16:45 for Yuvan and John Judge.  Pretty solid calls.  We look forward to late August 2013 when the crystal ball will once again make an appearance.

George Mundo Wins a Bell


2012-10-19 - Mt SAC cowbell with George Mundo's name

Winning a race at the Mt. SAC Invitational is a big ringthing.  George had to beat 128 other runners to take home the cowbell.  That was only the second bell in the last 12+ years for the team.  And when you win Mt. SAC, that says a lot about you as a runner.  The course demands a smart balance of skills due to the varied terrain.  Run that flat first mile too fast and the next two miles of grades will suck you dry.  Rest at the top of Poop-Out and you will eat dust.  And always in the back of the Coach’s mind is CIF and Mt. SAC is the CIF course.  The Invitational is a chance to measure your athletes on the CIF course.  Against the best of the best.

2012-10-19 - George Mundo on first Valley Loop
Three girls under 20

3 Girls Under 20 at Lacy

A rare year is one girl breaking 20 minutes on our course.  Lacy Park is a tough challenge full of spongy grass, tight turns and a hard climb just when the tank is dry.  A pretty little thing with fangs.  It beats almost everyone.  And yet, this year at League Finals, we had three girls under 20!  We have come to expect that of Alissa but to have sophomore Sarah and freshman Olivia join the club in the same race made the day remarkable.  We’re not yet sure if it has ever been done so a little homework will be necessary in the off-season.  What are the chances they could do it again next year?  What are the chances that five of them could do it next year?  That would make a certain coach I know do a finish line dance.

Going Deep at Prelims

The way that the pack ran together at League Finals the previous week, the boys looked pretty solid to secure the last or next-to-last spot in the CIF Finals.  Then a bug hit Drew and he was out of the Prelims.  It looked like the team would be out of the Finals.  What happened is that these guys ran the races of their lives.  Each one.  George chopped 50 seconds off his previous best (the cowbell-winning performance at Mt. SAC Inv) and placed 10th.  That one performance made up 50% of the deficit.  Fellow soph John Judge, who has been chasing George all year, shaved 34 seconds off and grabbed the 33rd spot.  While Mt. SAC is not Yuvan’s type of course, he still took nearly a half minute off his previous.  Perhaps the most satisfying performance was Kenny’s.  He has struggled at Mt. SAC in the past but not on this day.  His 17:32 was 40 seconds better than before.  And finally, the 5th man of the day, Tomas Liu was 38 seconds better.  Big performances were required and big performances were delivered.  Keeping the consecutive Finals streak alive (4th).

2012-11-10 - George, Yuvan, Kenny and John

Iron Lady Linton

2012-11-01 - Sarah with Alissa at half-mile (new size)

Sarah was the freshman phenom last year but the shoe was on the other foot this year.  Freshman Olivia Harrigian came into the program setting a sizzling pace at Bosco Tech, Phil Ryan and Dana Hills.  Sophomore Sarah was generally a minute in back of the new frosh phenom.  Then, Sarah got her old self back at Clovis, recording a 20:37 (roughly equivalent to the same time at Lacy Park).  From that point on, Sarah seemed determined to establish herself as the #2 on the team, even going so far as to try to shadow Alissa at League Finals.  That effort was the iron lady performance as she gave it everything and more.  If the season had ended right there, Sarah would have made the list but not as high as #6.  What moved her up was her performance on the rain course at CIF Finals.  It was a tactical masterpiece as she showed absolute determination to maintain her position in the first third of the pack through the first mile.  After that, Sarah consistently picked off runners ahead of her and had just enough left to sprint to the finish line.  Her 18:28 finish was more than a minute faster than her race on this same course last year for Prelims.  She finished in the top 30th percentile and firmly established her position as the #2 runner on the team.  What most distinguishes an athlete is not their natural ability but their will to excel.  Sarah could have tossed in the towel early on when things weren’t going well.  Instead, she dug down and became a leader.

Yuvan Wickramsinghe
Pack Assassin

The difference between the girls’ team and the guys’ team couldn’t be clearer.  There is not much of an ability gap with the guys so they run as a pack. Packs make each runner better. But these 4 pack rats give no quarter to each other.  They each want to be the team’s #1 runner.  The epitome of that attitude has been junior Yuvan Wickramsinghe this year.  Yuvan rarely sets the pace; he prefers to shadow the pack and then use his speed to capture the gold at the end.  Witness his performance at League Finals and CIF Finals.

2012-11-01 - Yuvan at the twin trees turn with the pack

Frosh Girls & Soph Boys Conquer the Mountain

2012-10-19 - Collage of frosh girls & soph boys

We have not had a lot of winning teams at the storied Mt. SAC Invitational in the last 15 years.  Oftentimes, we didn’t even have enough kids to score as a team.  Last year, the varsity men came close - placing second.  Times - they are a’changing.  This year, the freshman girls went 3-6-28-31-45 to capture the frosh title in their Division 4 heat with a 17 point victory over El Segundo.  Olivia and Carlin provided the leadership while Angela Wange, Cara Roberts and Olivia’s sister Fiona provided the points.  This is a vintage class.

With the girls still on the course, the sophomore boys started their race.  Not to be outdone, the guys took the soph Division 4 heat with 48 points over second-place JSerra (62 points).  As mentioned above (highlight #3), George Mundo won the race.  Lost in the excitement of that win was John Judge’s third place finish.  Any other day that third spot would have been headlines.  Girish packed the top 10 with SM athletes as he took the 9th spot.  Just behind Girish was Tomas Liu in 13th place.  4 runners in the top 15 will get it done.  Brandon Tsay completed the scoring with his 36th place finish.

Return of a Division 4 Power

2012-11-01 - Varsity girls at starting line

The girl's team firmly established itself as a Division 4 power in placing second at league finals by outscoring South Pasadena. This marked the first time SM had taken SP down in more than a decade. It also provided this young team with confidence and momentum going into the post season. The performance prompted the SP coach to write, "this was the best SM season he had ever witnessed!" Coach Mundo commented, "the girls have arrived!" The girls placed 9th at CIF Finals and missed qualifying for State by 2 spots. They ranked 2nd among all D4 public schools!


2012 Highlight number 10 (families)

The level of support shared by this year's parents marked a turning point for the SMXC program. From day one, parents demonstrated their commitment to their children and the program. Parents willingly and cheerfully volunteered to assist in a vast array of opportunities from driving runners to Titan Hill, assisting at meets, organizing dinners and road trips, preparing the Lacy Park course for races, distributing and collecting uniforms, video recording meets and submitting pictures to be published on our amazing website so family from across the world (an uncle in Canada or father working in China) could share the memorable year! I am grateful and mindful of how unique it is to have such support!  Thank You!   - Coach Eduardo Mundo

Graduating Seniors

2012-11-01 - Marina Flores

Marina Flores

2012-09-12 - Lindsay Snaer high 5s Coach

Lindsay Snaer

2012-11-01 - Hector Covarrubias
2012-11-10 - Team picture (both)
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