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Temple City Dual Meet
April 28 @ SMHS

The Rams visited SMHS for the final dual meet of the season.  Frosh-soph Boys and Varsity Girls won.  A link to complete individual results is in the table below.  There were a number of season personal bests for the Titans, including: Chuma Azinge soaring to 5’ 10” to win the Varsity boys high jump, Chris Wicke running 57.97 to win the Frosh-Soph boys 400M run, Darren Li throwing 34’ 9” to win the Frosh-Soph boys shot put, Nathan Cheung soaring 5’ 6” to win the Frosh-Soph boys high jump, Anson Kwan vaulting 11’ 6” to win the Varsity boys pole vault, Angela Wang running 5:59.31 to win the varsity 1600M,  Keila Barra and Evelyn Tran going 1-2 in the varsity 400M in 62.78 and 63.1, respectively, Chloe Leftwich (13.00) and Kristin Barraza (13.25) going 1-2 in the 100M, and Olivia Harrigian (2:25.53) and sister Fiona Harrigian (2:40.46) going 1-2 in the 800M run.

Team Scores




Boys Varsity

58 pts

69 pts

Boys Frosh-Soph



Girls Varsity



Girls Frosh-Soph


TC Won

Results By Event - HERE

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