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Race videos posted.

Number of videos posted:  28  (complete)

Team Captains

April 26 - Duo meets with Monrovia and Blair.

Nothing posted yet.

April 22 - Temple City Meet

Videos for long jump and triple jump posted.

La Canada duo meet results

(50% complete)

April 15

March 27 - Pasadena Games

Results, pictures & video

April 24 - San Gabriel Valley Championships

Results not yet posted.

March 19

March 11



If you are an alumni, this site will be growing.  It aims to cover all the teams since 1957.  If you have pictures, videos, film, articles, time sheets or stories that you can write down, please lend them to us so that we can publish them here.  Contact for details on how we can safely get your material and return it to you.

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