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Temple City High vs San Marino High

April 23, 2015 at Temple City High

The Varsity Girls team came away from Temple City with a win 66 to 61 points, with several athletes competing in multiple events and contributing valuable points.  Host Temple City remains old-school with a dirt track, chalked lane lines and a start-finish at about the 50 yard line position on the home stretch.  The day finished with exciting Titan wins in the Varsity 4 x 400 relays -- including a photo finish in the Boy’s race where Chip Crowley took the baton from behind on the last leg and chased down Temple City to win in the final few yards (photo below).

Temple City provided the results:  Varsity Girls   Varsity Men  Frosh-Soph

2015-04-23 - Crowley Photo Finish
2015-04-23 - Tran to McCrary Relay
2015-04-23 - Dunkel to Davis Relay
2015-04-23 - Judge-Liu-Balaji 1600
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