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2013 Blecksmith Memorial 5k

Conditions: Sunny and 82 degrees

2013-07-04 - Charlie Marquardt winning

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2013 Blecksmith 5k
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2013-07-04 - Georgeann Bowen (first female)

Pasadena’s Charlie Marquardt wins the Blecksmith for the second time in 3 years.

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Oxford Road VIDEO

2013-07-04 - Gilbert & Drew

Georgeanna Bowen of Los Angeles won the women’s race.

2013-07-04 - Tyler Fong (first SM finisher)

Gilbert Mundo (#437), the #1 son of SMXC Coach Eduardo Mundo, and Drew Jack (#457), one of the team’s top runners, cross the finish line together.

Tyler Fong (left - #111) is the first San Marino resident across the line.

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